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O%riginal - Syrah - 750 ml

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José Maria da Fonseca led the way in Portugal by introducing the first alcohol-free wine. The O%riginal brand was conceived with the goal of mirroring the product's advantages and attributes in its name. It embodies a genuine, true-to-its-essence wine, O%riginal, completely devoid of alcohol.

O%riginal offers the complete wine-tasting experience without any alcohol presence. Crafted from the Syrah grape variety, it undergoes a low-temperature fermentation process and is subsequently de-alcoholized through physical methods, preserving the wine's inherent aromas and flavors.

Sabe a

Syrah Rosé is known for its vibrant and crisp taste. It offers a refreshing acidity that makes it a perfect choice for warm weather and outdoor gatherings. The primary fruit flavors include red berries, which are complemented by a hint of citrus, like grapefruit or blood orange. The Syrah Rosé does have a more pronounced spice or herbal note.

Cómo disfrutarla

Serve chilled at a temperature of 5oC, as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to pizza or pasta dishes.


Good to know
Nutritional information: sugar 7,0 g
Alcohol content: <0.5%
Origin: Portugal

*Bebida para adultos

O%riginal - Syrah - 750 ml