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Le Tribute Tonic Water - 200 mL

€3,22 All prices inclusive of tax and exclude shipping.

100% Natural Ingredients

In the meticulous creation of their Tonic water, Le Tribute exclusively sources quinine from the Loja province in Ecuador, the very region of its origin.

Le Tribute´s tonic water boasts a distinctive flavor profile with the inclusion of a lemongrass distillation in water, adding a unique and refreshing twist.

Derived from a natural spring affiliated with Le Tribute´s  distillery, the brand employs a meticulous filtration process using reverse osmosis. This process ensures the water becomes demineralized and flavorless, upholding their commitment to the purest water quality in every bottle.

In order to attain a robust and enduring fizz, the latest technology is employed by Le Tribute, chilling the liquid to 2ºC and creating a mixer with an ideal balance of effervescence and freshness throughout.

Marking a pioneering design in the carbonated beverage market, Le Tribute introduces the first square-shaped bottle. Leveraging cutting-edge industrial design techniques, Le Tribute can uniquely package their tonic water in square containers that withstand high pressure.

Le Tribute Tonic Water - 200 mL